Catholics Flock to Beaches

Over one million Catholics recently gathered around Poland’s borders to pray the Rosary for the protection of their country. Italy and France followed suite, then Ireland with over 280 locations praying around their coastline. The UK Rosary is to be held on 29 April. With more than 300 locations and still growing, many Priests and Bishops are supporting the event by leading the people in prayer at local beaches, cliffs, boat piers, and coastal areas. Pope Francis has already given an apostolic Blessing to this initiative, which is being called ‘The Coast to Coast Rosary.’

The Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy will proudly participate in the initiative of OZ Rosary. Let us flood Australia with Hail Marys.

We will offer the Rosaries prayed in our celebration of monthly Fatima Day for the intentions of OZ Rosary.

10am Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament
10.20am Rosary (I)
11am Pontifical Holy Mass
1.30pm Rosary Procession to the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes - Holy Rosary (II)
3pm Conclusion

Australia, under the patronage of Bishop David Cremin (who has Irish links), is holding a Coast to Coast Rosary in Australia on the 13th May (Fatima Day.) and currently has over 160 groups.

 In Australia, the Legion of Mary, Fatima, youth, prayer and Rosary groups are coming on board right across the nation to pray the Rosary for the protection of Australia and for families and youth. Major centres like Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania and Perth, all have multiple venues. St Mary’s  Cathedral in Perth is having a Living Rosary with numerous young people participating. Darwin Catholics are meeting at Lee Point on the beach, as are the faithful in Coogee. One parish priest in Canberra is leading a gathering of people up to Black Mountain to pray for the city, while parishioners in Esperance in Western Australia are heading to the local lookout over the ocean with their local parish priest to pray. Another town in Western Australia, Manjimup, will see their congregation gather at the local church to pray the Rosary and have a ‘cuppa’ afterwards. Country people from isolated properties are meeting with others on their farms to join in, while other groups are in the process of organising prayer at mountains, parks, beaches and lookouts.

From small venues like Wattle Flat and Black Springs to larger places like Gympie, Toowoomba, Cairns, Bathurst and Orange, people are meeting before and after regular Masses to pray their rosaries on Fatima Day. Schools and Pilgrimage centres are also participating in the event. Some groups are having rosary groups while others are considering launching a helium balloon Rosary.

Eight Jesuits during World War Two Living only 10 blocks from the epicentre of the  atomic blast in Hiroshima prayed the Fatima Rosary everyday for protection. All survived without any side effects of radiation and the building remained intact. After World War Two, Russia invaded Austria the Catholics were called to pray the Rosary every day to end the communist occupation. After some years, the Russians pulled out of the country with no explanation. There are many other instances of Mary’s powerful intercession through the Rosary bringing protection to countries and people. On 13 July 1917, Our Lady of Fatima said: “Pray the Rosary every day in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain peace in the world . . . for she alone can save it.” Jacinta, one of the seers in Fatima, said shortly before her death: “God has placed peace in her hands, and it is from the Immaculate Heart that men must ask it.

            So, if you would like to join in praying for the protection of Australia, you can either initiate your own Rosary or join in a group already happening. Contacts and locations can be found at the website or go to ‘Oz Rosary 53’ on Facebook. The phone contact is Jane on 0476 535 595.

Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, commonly known as Penrose Park (located in the Southern Highlands, NSW) is a renowned place of veneration of the replica of the Icon of Our Lady of Jasna Góra, known as the Black Madonna.  The Shrine is ministered by the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit known as the Pauline Fathers, who are the custodians of the original Icon of the Black Madonna for more than 630 years.