Dear Pilgrims! We, the Pauline Fathers and Brothers and Volunteers of the Shrine, are committed to make sure that the experience of this Holy Place is both prayerful and restful. Everyday we glorify God and give thanks to Our Lady and her Spouse, St. Joseph, for their constant love and care towards our Shrine. We are also prayerfully indebted to all of you, Pilgrims who believe that this Shrine and its mission should continue for generations. Below you can see some of the projects undertaken at the shrine . Their cost has taken a great toll on our finances. In order to accomplish these, and pursue new projects to ensure the safety and comfort of our Pilgrims, we need your continual spiritual and financial generosity.

If you would like to helps us with these expsenses please see the methods available at the bottom of the page and reference it with the item you would like to sponsor.


Since last May we have renovated roofs, both, on the church as well as on the monastery (cost approx. $25,000).

The above photos show the locations of holes that were in the roof.

Sound System and Lights

We have exchanged the sound system in the church (cost $35,000). It is fully installed but still needs some fine-tuning as we all learn how to use it properly.

We have also installed new lights in the sanctuary (cost $8,000)

Ceiling Fans

We have installed 3 large ceiling fans (total cost $24,000) These fans are reversible, so in winter they will work to keep the heat from escaping through the roof.

Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fans

New Toilet Block

We have begun the next phase in the building of the New Toilet Block. The tiling of the interior will soon be completed. We are very grateful to our benefactors, who have enabled us to proceed with this work. Once the tiling is completed, the next step would be the installation of the bathroom fixtures, which have been already donated and saved us many thousands of dollars.

New Toilet Block New Toilet Block New Toilet Block

Waste Water Treatment System

We are still trying to recover from the purchase and installation of the Waste Water Treatment System, which is crucial to our New Building Project (cost $200,000) as well as the loan, which we continuously repay ($700/week) and which was taken for the purchase of the adjoining property (still to be repaid approx. $200,000).

Waste Water Treatment System Solar Panels

Air Conditioners & Solar Panels

As you all know, winter in the Southern Highlands is very cold, so we are endeavouring to install 6 reverse cycle air conditioners to make sure that our pilgrims don’t freeze (cost $32,000)

This will put a burden on our electricity cost , so we are also installing solar panels on the monastery roof to cover the cost of running the air conditioners (cost approx. $40,000 - by the blessing of God this cost has been covered by a generous benefactor).

Metal Roller Doors

To ensure the safety of the Blessed Sacrament and the Icon of the Black Madonna earlier this year we installed metal roller doors to the exterior doors of the church. This was undertaken as the doors themselves are in a very poor condition (see photos). We would like to replace these in the near future, so the whole church is not only secure but fitting for Our Lord and His Mother.

Metal Roller Doors Metal Roller Doors

Message from Rector of the Shrine

Dear Pilgrims and Friends,
Many of you have been coming to this Shrine for a long time and you have wit- nessed various works. We are aware that the Divine Providence has entrusted this place to the Pauline Community in order to enhance and develop it so our pilgrims can immerse themselves into the presence of God and to experience Our Lady’s maternal care. Everyday many pilgrims come here to implore God through Our Lady’s intercession on behalf of their loved ones and to pray for themselves.

If you wish that the mission of this Shrine to continue and you are able to help us financially these are the ways you can assist:

  1. By cheque: Please make cheques payable to Order of St Paul the Hermit
  2. By a Direct Debit into our account BSB: 062 576 Account No. 0091 0786 Account Name: Order of St Paul the Hermit, Ref: Development
    Some Pilgrims prefer to set up a recurring donations via electronic fund transfer (direct deposit), because as they say they are unable to visit so frequently but they want to make sure that the development of our beloved Shrine continues.
  3. By using the Online Credit Card facility.
  4. By leaving a legacy in your Last Will.

Please email us about your donation so that we can thank you, and keep you informed about the progress of the works in the shrine.

Appropriate Wording for Last Will

It is important the correct clauses and terminology are used in your Will. Suggested wording is shown below:

“I give to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, operating under the legal name “Trustees of the Pauline Fathers and Brothers” in the State of New South Wales for its general purposes, the sum of $.........OR ......... percent of my estate OR the property at ...... (OR other specific items), free of all duties, taxes and other deductions of whatever kind. I declare that the receipt of the Rector of the Shrine, or other designated officer, of the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, Penrose Park shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors and Trustees."

A big thanks to the benefactors who have so generously donated to each of the projects completed and still underway. You and your families are remembered in our daily prayers. Each Sunday the Mass is offered for all our benefactors and their families.

Many blessings
Pauline Fathers and Brothers

Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, commonly known as Penrose Park (located in the Southern Highlands, NSW) is a renowned place of veneration of the replica of the Icon of Our Lady of Jasna Góra, known as the Black Madonna.  The Shrine is ministered by the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit known as the Pauline Fathers, who are the custodians of the original Icon of the Black Madonna for more than 630 years.