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Procession to the Grotto on Fatima Day

Our Lady of Fatima is just one of the many names given to the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the 13th day of each month, a pilgrimage takes place at Penrose Park to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy in honour of Our Lady of Fatima, remembering that she appeared to the three children in 1917 every month from the 13th of May till the 13th of October. The feast day of our Lady of Fatima is May 13th.


  • 10 am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & Confessions
  • 10:30 am Rosary
  • 11 am Solemn Mass
  • 12 noon Lunch
  • 1:30 pm Eucharistic Procession to the Gotto while reciting the Rosary.
  • 2 pm Prayers and Devotions at the Gotto, and blessing of pilgrims.


We would like to emphasize that the Shrine and the Pauline Fathers promote the Catholic doctrine regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hence we do not endorse any “private apparitions” not approved by the Holy See.

  • No goods or religious objects, or literature may be given or sold at “Penrose Park” without the express written permission of the Pauline Fathers.
  • We continue to ask you not to look at the sun as this causes eye damage and confusion among the faithful.
  • Due to the high cost of waste disposal, we would like to ask you, if it is possible, to take your rubbish with you. Thank you.

Fatima Day Raffle

We are currently running Fatima Day raffle. The cost is $5 Per Ticket. The raffle will be Drawn on Fatima Day in October (13/10/2023).

Funds will go to support the Shrine Development.


1st Prize 80cm Statue of Our Lady of Fatima Valued at $700

2nd Prize 70cm Statue of Our Lady of Fatima Valued at $300 (Pictured to the Right)

3rd Prize 30cm Statue of Our Lady of Fatima Valued at $150

You can buy tickets online below. We will fill in 1 ticket for every $5 that you give.

Fatima Day Raffle