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Fr. Richard Green

Easter Message of Fr. Richard Green, Prior of the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy – Penrose Park.

Forty days ago, we commenced the season of Lent with fasting, prayer and arms giving. We have struggled, we have strived, we have failed, and we have succeeded in our Lenten observances. We have now celebrated Holy Week, the Lord’s entrance triumphant into Jerusalem, his last meal with the disciples in the upper room – the institution of the Eucharist and the ordained priesthood – we walked the Way of the Cross. We stood at the foot of the cross with Mary and Saint John. At Calvary, we waited outside the front of the tomb, and now we welcome the Risen Christ, glorious triumphant, and of course, we celebrate our salvation, the forgiveness of our sins – the Ransom paid by Christ on the cross. This season of Easter is an opportunity for us to truly be grateful for the gifts that God gives us, our life, our faith, our family and our friends. Let it be an opportunity for us not to just throw away all our Lenten disciplines but allow it to be an opportunity for us to truly appreciate the gifts that God gives us every day.

There are so many things that make up our lives, and many of those things we take for granted. The whole season of Lent was to allow us to channel those energies to nourish that relationship with God and to greater appreciate those things that God gives us. This season of Easter is an opportunity for us to celebrate, and what person doesn’t like a celebration? This is the celebration of forgiveness. This is salvation. This is us being able to continue nourishing that relationship we have with God through thanksgiving and to pray for the gifts and Graces to be that witness of the Gospel in our circumstances of life. My dear friends, pilgrims, and benefactors, the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy is an oasis for the people of God and other people of different denominations to escape the rat race of life to just spend a few moments in nature, but above all in the presence of almighty God and His Blessed Mother. On behalf of the Pauline fathers here at Penrose Park, at The Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, I would like to extend to you and your families a very happy and blessed Easter. May the Risen Lord continue to bless you in your lives, and we look forward to welcoming you here to our Shrine as we celebrate this great season of Easter. All the very best, God bless, thank you.


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