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Announcements from the Shrine Bulliten for Pentecost Sunday:

Fr Gabriel is officially on Palliative care. The doses of morphine and pain killers have increased. Fr Gabriel is aware of what is going on around him but is extremely tired and limited in his responsiveness. Fr Richard and the members of the community visit daily and spend time with him. Please keep him in your prayers for strength and perseverance and especially as he prepares to return home to the Father. Fr Gabriel thanks everyone for their prayers, love and support at this time.

Fr Richard and Fr Joseph are looking at starting some regular working bees to tidy up the grounds, especially at the main entrance of the property and around the chapels and Grotto. This is a mammoth task! For anyone interested in helping please see either Father for more information.

Please refer to the website which is regularly updated, please encourage others to check it out to find out info about events happening in the Shrine. The Shrine also uses FaceBook and YouTube, please like, follow and subscribe for more information.

Bags of firewood are available at the front of the Monastery, $10 a bag. Payment can be made either to one of the Fathers or Brothers or by leaving money in the offering boxes or using the Tap n Go.

The votive candle stands are a unique burning system therefore, ONLY the candles provided are to be used in them and not other forms of tea light candles as this is a fire hazard as well as it damages the glass holders and clogs them with wax. If you wish to make an offering of tea light candles, please give them to someone in the Monastic community or leave them unlit on one of the side Altars.

A reminder that all Catholics are obliged to go to Confession and Holy Communion at least once a year between Ash Wednesday and Trinity Sunday (4th June).


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