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Pilgrims of the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, as mentioned previously, we are looking to establish more regular Working Bees at the Shrine to help make it more beautiful than ever. We plan this to be every 3rd Saturday of the Month, putting the next one on the 17th of June.

The focus of the Working Bee on the 17th of June will be the entrance of the property to remove weeds and fallen leaves and branches and then plant out the gardens better. Other tasks will be added to this list if we receive a good turnout.

The day’s schedule will start at 8 am with Mass for the Volunteers in the Shrine Church before we head to the front of the property to begin work. Volunteers are asked to bring working shoes and gardening gloves and, if they can, bring some of their own gardening tools, as we might not be able to supply enough for everyone.

Please let us know if you are coming in the comments.


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  1. Yes I would love come help, I Already mentioned my interest in this matter to the Brother’s & Father, am already a Volunteer Gardner at Moss Vale community garden, 2 day’s a wk, for my pension, also have worked with my mum, in Floristry business as a child to teenager, kind Regard’s, Chris Davison 🙏🙏

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