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Here are the Announcements from the Bulletin for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Fr Richard has purchased two golf buggy’s for the benefit of pilgrims coming to the Shrine, especially for Fatima Day or any major solemnity. He is looking for people interested in driving them. For anyone interested please speak to Fr Richard or one of the community.

The Shrine Church has many visitors each day and especially during the weekends, holidays and Solemnities. It is not always easy to stay on top of keeping the church clean but it is a necessity as it is a place of pilgrimage and the house of God. Therefore Fr Richard has organised that the Shrine Church will be deep cleaned once a month. There will be notice given and the 11am Mass for that particular day will be celebrated in the Chapel at the Old Monastery. Next Church cleaning: Wednesday 12th July.

It is planned to have a working Bee on the third Saturday of each month starting round 9am with Mass at 8am for anyone wishing to attend. Next working bee: Saturday 15th July. For anyone seeking further information or would like to volunteer please speak to Fr Joseph Maria.

FATIMA DAY (13th July)
The main celebrant for this month will be Fr Getulio Goncalves-Neto, Parish Priest of St Joseph’s Condobolin and Chancellor of the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes.

We are looking for people interested in reading at the Sunday Masses. It is always good to have a few people and if this is achieved a roster can be created for each of the Masses. Please speak to one of the community or please email the office and specify which particular Sunday Mass you would like to read at and the regularity you can offer.

As many of you know the original Monastery which began in Penrose Park was demolished due to compromises in the integrity of the building and a new “Old Monastery” was constructed in its place. It was never really finished but over the past month, Fr Richard, Fr Joseph and a couple of volunteers have finished it and brought it up to a usable standard. There are 4 rooms available for individuals or couples wishing to come and spend some time at Penrose Park ($30 without linen & $40 with linen). There is also a decent conference room. Fr Richard intends to start monthly morning teas after the 8am Mass at the old monastery starting in September when the weather warms up. If there is anyone interested in helping to organise/coordinate this please speak to Fr Richard.


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