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The proposed sand quarry, which is to be located behind the grotto and will affect five properties along Hanging Rock Road and many others between Penrose Park and Sally’s Corner, is submitting for approval a revised development application. This quarry is for 30 years and will be in operation 24/7. This is something we oppose along with many of the local residents for several important reasons, such as pollution of the water table, silica dust, noise, increased traffic, devastation to the local flora and fauna, especially wildlife and, of course, the ruination of this beautiful part of the state. We ask you to please help us oppose this quarry as we only have until 04/12/23 to submit concerns/objections. Individual and collective submissions can be made on the Department of Planning and Environmental portal at:
More information can be found on the side table in the Church, as well as the brief from the “Save our Sands” local action group.

More information on

Also, we have a ready formatted submission that can be used. See the following file.


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