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Side view of the Church showing St. John Paul II

Here are the announcements for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, the 19th of November 2023

Fatima day for November was celebrated by Fr Jeremy Santoso OSPPE. A big Thank you to Fr Jeremy for accepting our invite and preaching an inspiring homily. Fr Adam Carlow, newly ordained Priest for the Diocese of Fatima will be the celebrant for December. Fr Adam will be bestowing his first blessing upon the faithful in attendance and receiving the blessing from a newly ordained Priest, the faithful are eligible to receive a plenary indulgence.

Thank you to all who came along yesterday and helped out, a lot was achieved and we can really see the great change the Shrine is undertaking. God bless you all.

All are welcome after the 8am Mass today at the old Monastery. Thank you to all who have brought something along to share. The next Morning Tea will be: Sunday 17th December.

November is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Souls. It is our duty to pray for them especially those who have no one to pray. This is our Catholic obligation. During November, Masses will be celebrated for our dearly departed. To have names included please fill out the November Mass envelopes found on the side table of the Church or please ask at the Monastery.

This year the theme of the Wollongong Advent program is “The Sign”. This fantastic production is an initiative of the Diocese of Wollongong and lays out a short reflection each day during the season of Advent and Christmas. What better way to prepare a way for the Lord. The Booklets are available at the side table of the Church and are $7 each.

This is a periodic reminder that we still need volunteers to help in various capacities in the Shrine. Areas of need are in Reading at the Masses, collectors, ushers for both Sundays and Fatima days, drivers for the buggy’s on Fatima Day and general maintenance. If you are interested or will to commit please speak to Fr Richard.

The proposed sand quarry which is to be located behind the grotto and will effect five properties along Hanging Rock Road and many others between Penrose Park and Sally’s Corner is submitting for approval a revised development application. This quarry is for 30 years and will be in operation 24/7. This is something we oppose along with many of the local residents for several important reasons such as pollution of the water table, silica dust, noise, increased traffic, devastation to the local flora and fauna especially wildlife and of course the ruination of this beautiful part of the state. We ask you to please help us oppose this quarry as we only have until 04/12/23 to submit concerns / objections. Individual and collective submissions can be made on the Department of Planning and Environmental portal at:
More information can be found on the side table in the Church as well as the brief from the “Save our Sands” local action group.


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