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Here are the announcements for the Third Sunday of Lent, the 3rd of March:

These have been available for purchase to help guide people through the season of Lent. This is a great resource prepared for people by the Diocese of Wollongong. Price for the booklets will be $10 each. There are only a few copies left.

The stations of the cross will be prayed each Friday & Saturday after the 11am Mass during which confession will also be available.

The annual reenactment of the Lord’s Passion (Passion Play) will take place in the Shrine, commencing at 11am on Good Friday 29th March. Please note, this is free and open to all, no bookings need to be made. Food & drink will also be available for purchase. Good Friday is also a day of Fasting and abstinence, Pilgrims are allowed to picnic on site but we ask that NO meat is consumed or BBQed on the day.
There are still some roles that need to be filled, for more information and to receive updates regarding rehearsals etc please go to: and sign up to receive notifications.

Thank you to all who contributed to last weeks morning tea. The next morning tea will be on Sunday 17th March.

A reminder that all Catholics are obliged to go to Confession and Holy Communion at least once a year between Ash Wednesday and Trinity Sunday (26th May).

Dear Pilgrims,
It has been apparent to me for some time that there is some miscommunication regarding the new toilet block. People are anxious and asking questions as to when it will be open. Believe me there is no one more anxious to open the toilet block than me, though some have a misconception that it is the Pauline Fathers that are holding up the works. In fact, last year, having consulted members of the original working group created by my predecessor, Fr Damian and having been able to find a new building manager, $45,000 was spent to complete the facility. Works completed were all the electrical (lights, power points etc), painting of the interior and gables, plumbing including the installation of firefighting / rainwater tanks, replacement of broken and damp plasterboard, finishing around the windows, interior installations (mirrors, taps etc) and finally cleaning.
All paperwork is presented and the hold up is between the council and the building certifier to issue the occupation certificate. There was the hope to open the new block by Fatima Day last October and then by Christmas but due to one thing or another with our bureaucrats and certifier we have been pushed back. I am working cooperatively and forcefully with our builder and team to get this block over the line by Good Friday and this is looking hopeful but I won’t be holding my breath.
In short, the toilet block is complete and ready for use but the hold up is getting the occupation certificate. No one is more anxious to get this block up and running than the Paulines. Please increase prayers and support so this block can be finalised and opened for the use of the pilgrims by Good Friday, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you to all who have helped in some way and for your support and understanding. God bless you all!
Fr Richard


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